About Us

eVoc Learning provides online vocational learning courses for men and women interested in improving their career opportunities.

Since 2015 eVoc Learning has trained over 1,000 students via the distance learning format. Our blended programs combine both textbook and online learning so students can learn at home when it’s convenient for them with no time limits. Our open enrollment policy means anybody can enroll at any point of the year with no prior experience. eVoc Learning’s courses are constantly being updated and improved so that our students have the most up-to-date curriculum.

Our Mission
eVoc Learning’s mission is to offer high-quality and excellent value programs via distance learning. Our commitment to training people through our career-oriented courses provide a well-developed, convenient, step-by-step learning format that will allow them to master new topics quickly. Our staff is dedicated to supporting our students through exceptional service.

Our Commitment to You

  • To provide high quality training
  • To provide professional and courteous service
  • To provide affordable and convenient programs
  • To allow you to progress in the course at your own pace

An education from eVoc Learning will reward you every day with a powerful feeling of achievement the rest of your life.